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A Question for You - Just be Honest and Learn What Motivates Your Behavior

by Steve Bruner

Is it biological, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.

What is the primary thing that depletes your energy and harm cellular health that you have control over? Here are a few:

The 3-1-1 Plan of Supplements

There are a couple of primary things you need to know when taking supplements – supplements that affect your cellular health:

1. Quality supplements are the critical difference. Quality supplements would be the same comparison of putting dirty gas in a race car versus high-performance octane gas for race cars. God made you beautiful. You are a race car. Your mind and body should be treated with the best of the best to get the results we all want. The irony is money is not necessarily the key to getting the best quality. 

2. Quality formulations are based on research and the formula should provide not only efficacy from quality ingredients but synergy – the parts together are more powerful than alone. Too often in the world of supplements, results are based on lab studies and not the human experience. It’s hard to put together all the different components of a good supplement program without a certain degree of expertise and the supplement industry wants you to buy lots of products rather than a few. That is how they make money.

3. You need to take exactly what you need, not too little, not too much, and certainly the right things. This is best accomplished on a 3-1-1 plan assuming you are taking the right supplements. Take supplements 3 times per day around your meals; take some in mid-afternoon; and take some 1 hour before bed. This keeps the active ingredients in your blood stream through-out the entire day. They are micro-nutrients and just like food, and if they are any good they are used up through-out your day! Also, if you take them all at one time, chances are your urine is a little more expensive than it should be. When you take too much at one time, the body flushes them out with your urine. Some people can go overboard with supplements and this can potentially damage their liver; however, if you follow our protocols we are well within those outer limits.

We recommend you take your vitamins serious and keep them in your bloodstream by taking them 3-5 times daily. Take the main supplements around meal times and perhaps in the middle afternoon. Then take night-time supplements an hour or so before bed on an empty stomach. (We’ll discuss this plan in a moment.) We call this the 3-1-1 plan.

Every once in a while I will experiment and stop my supplement plan. By the way, this is a bad idea but I do it for research purposes! My wife can hardly wait till I start back. I am grumpy, less energetic, restless at night, and wake up feeling like I have a hang-over, and sometimes I get depressed. I am a vitamin junkie because my supplement plan is the difference in feeling great and feeling a whole lot less. Who chooses lousy? No one does no purpose. We are however creatures prone to repeat mistakes.

A large part of being in the health zone is providing what your mitochondria need to operate at peak capacities. If you provide the mitochondria with vital micro-nutrients the mitochondria is nourished, is protected, it can repair itself, and you feel rejuvenated.


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