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Cellular Health and Ortho-Molecular Research

by Steve Bruner


Are You in the Vitamin Club of Survivors - Most Likely You Are Not

Would you like to be in the top 10% of people who take really good vitamins (Natural Biology‘s Daily Protocol), know what you are doing, and get incredible results. You can join the Survivors Club of Vitamins, who not only survive but thrive - and Vitamin Club Survivors TRANSCEND…

Only when you understand the full reality of what it takes can you really thrive. Remember in Part One Survivors are realist who get the facts and tools they need to survive. To survive in the vitamin world you need to use ortho-molecularly designed supplements. (While we call just about everything vitamins, they are actually supplements, and the best of all supplements are extracts and organic micro-nutrients - not synthetic).

Ortho-Molecular Research

Natural Biology formulates supplements based on the ortho-molecular research model of medicine developed by two time Nobel-Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling. He believed that if you changed the environment of your body’s chemistry at the cellular level (using natural micro-nutrients provided by nature) you could find balance and the key to health excellence. He set forth a plethora of paradigms for doing this which our company subscribes to. After eight years of results we have seen consistent results with our customers who follow our protocols.

To put it in layman’s terms, the theory of Ortho-Molecular is to saturate your cells with micro-nutrients (antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, Omega 3, etc) that improved cellular function. It forces your cells to react proactively to a dense and rich source of energy! Ultimately, all healthy cellular activity is about good energy and communication - sort of like good relationships. Ortho-molecular creates a good relationship between what you give your cells and how they respond in kind!

Your Systems & Organs Are Cells

Every organ makes up your body systems and everything starts with a cell. Your brain, digestive system, skin, hair, cardiovascular system, immune system, hormones, etc. – all are made from cells. Healthy cells make healthy people. Healthy cells provide plenty of energy for physical and mental function. For example, brain fog is a result of low brain energy!

Mitochondria is the Powerhouse of Every Cell

A large part, if not the most important part, of a healthy cell is the how healthy is the mitochondria.

he mitochondria is the powerhouse of every cell. If it is functioning at peak capacity then your cells operate much more efficiently in providing energy and fighting off foreign invaders. Feeling tired lately, guess what – for some reason, your cells are tired. Take away what is making your cells tired and also give them what they need, and you will suddenly find you have energy. Sometimes this is a relatively quick fix. Other times it takes some time – from weeks to months to years depending how bad down the cellular spiral you have fallen. The promise however is you can change your natural biology and TRANSCEND. Just like you can damage your DNA from bad habits like smoking, there is a growing body of evidence that says you can improve your DNA .


Ortho-Molecular Supplements are based on Superior Knowledge

Our company is one of only a few companies that formulate ortho-molecular supplements. Most companies work from a different paradigm. They sell traditional ingredients or hyped products. You get some of the benefit maybe, but most likely, you miss the point all together. For example, if you are taking ACAI juice, it is homogenized. To homogenize and ingredient, you heat it up. This kills the active ingredients in the ACAI berry and now you are simply paying for expensive nothingness. The best way to get the active ingredient in ACAI berries is to either eat the berry or use a purified extract from Brazilian ACAI berries - known to have the highest active ingredients.

Ortho-Molecular supplements are expensive to make because the micro-nutrients cost considerably more and generally require more elaborate formulations. We also have to process them differently. For example, some ingredients are extracted with extreme heat versus other methods that do not affect the active ingredients. To illustrate this point let’s just consider one ingredient in EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula - grape seed extract. Natural Biology uses a grape seed extract that cost $185 per kilo from France whereas most companies use a $25 per kilo grape seed extract from China. Guess which one is exponentially better for you! (In Part V of TRANSCEND series we will talk about this at length)

Here’s the sad news! Most of you will fall between the cracks of the marketing muscle of the supplement industry. You will end up wasting your time and your resources taking inferior products that in many instances will result in you paying more for an inferior products.

Supplements are always about what is hot - and when it is hot it is usually expensive, but not necessarily good. Back in the early days of Coral Calcium companies like Coral Calcium Watchdogs hyped rock coral as being superior and sold an inferior grade for $29 per bottle. It’s not a bad product if enhanced with calcium, but Watchdogs hypes rock coral for profits, not science. We have always sold the superior Marine Grade Okinawa Coral Calcium called SMP44 and we even sell the rock coral enhanced with magnesium and Vitamin D. The difference is we believe once educated, an informed customer is a better customer.

This doesn’t even take into account the biological benefit you receive or don’t receive. For example, in the same example above - if you take rock coral not enhanced with magnesium, the calcium is almost impossible to have a high absorption rate. Calcium works exponentially better with magnesium. It’s naturally present in SMP44 Coral Calcium but not rock coral. Of course, Watch Dogs also tries to convince you they are a non-profit running Google Ads at $3 per click to help you make informed decisions. The only problem is they recommend 3 products that just happen to be the same products owned by the Board of Directors at Watch Dogs. In the supplement world, you need to be careful. A common practice now is companies setting up non-profits and evaluation sites pretending to give non-biased opinions. Don’t believe it. I have not found one yet that is not recommending cheap products over quality products simply to pad their profits. In my experience staying away from multi-level marketing companies (who often have great marketing and even good ideas) and so-called non-profit evaluation sites. There are a handful of good companies offering supplements at fair prices. Do business with these companies and you’ll not only survive, you’ll thrive because your investment in supplements will pay you back in multiples.

Making Ortho-Molecular Easy

Natural Biology has designed a DAILY PROTOCOL that consist of EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula, Antarctic Pure Krill Oil, and Okinawa Coral Calcium (Marine Grade with the perfect 2:1 Calcium/Magnesium ratio processed without heat) - and  our latest protocol based on cutting edge research  is 4GRAMS with either Norwegian Omega 3 or Arctic Ocean Krill Oil.  The DAILY PROTOCOL delivers to your cells and in particularly your mitochondria exactly what it needs. The same micro-nutrients work equally well for men and women. This is another marketing type - women’s multivitamins and men’s multivitamins. There are some supplements only for men and only for women but nothing in the daily category.

With these PROTOCOLS you may not need other supplements because they provide foundational core micro-nutrients most supplements are derived from.   

In Part III we’ll discuss why our DAILY PROTOCOL works - what research it is based on, and in Part IV we’ll discuss the specific ingredients that make up this comprehensive and complete approach to supplementing. In Part V I’ll talk more about the business of supplements, the new GMPs, current supplement legislation, and how you can pick better products. Here’s the truth. Ultimately you are going to have to use your new found knowledge, make more informed choices, and trust a company for your supplement health.

WHAT DO YOU TAKE?  That's the number one question I get from friends, family, at Church, or at parties.   When I originally wrote this article in 2011, I as taking the EVEREST PROTOCOL.   Today i s August 24, 2018 and I take 4GRAMS with one each of Arctic Ocean Krill Oil and Norwegian Omega 3.  I also take 1 Zolamay everyday.  



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