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Living healthier, longer, through extraordinary science.

  We reinvented the multivitamin.  We call it 7 BASICS, an orthomolecular formula which seeks to provide your cells with cellular nourishment, protection ,repair, and rejuvenation.  It is a 7 in 1 formula, with vitamin being one of the 7 factors.  When our founder was introduced to the work of Dr. Linus Pauling, winner of 2 Nobel Prizes, and the father of Orthomolecular research, Steve was taking 20-30 pills per day to accomplish the same results he now receives with 3 capsules of 7 BASICS.  

7 BASICS would not have been possible just a few years ago.  It represents an accumulation of the best research done over the past 25 years, but what makes it possible today, is clinically processed micro-nutrients at research potencies, purity levels, and strengths.  Each one of the 7 formulas that make up 7 BASICS could be a product all by itself; however, the whole makes exponentially better than all its parts, and the parts are impressive.    

7 BASICS Seven in One Formula Consist of:  
  1. SuperFoods - Organic Chlorella, Spirulina, Beet Root, Flax, & more
  2. Multivitamin - Vitamins A, B Complex, C, D, E, K, Inositol
  3. Resveratrol  - French Red Wine Grape Resveratrol
  4. Antioxidant - Green Tea, Dark Berry Antioxidants, Pomegrante
  5. Calcium, Magnesium & 72 Trace Minerals - Icelandic Ocean Plant Minerals 
  6. Broccophane Formula- Organic Broccoli Sprouts (anti-cancer ingredient)
  7. Adaptogen Formula - Siberian Rhodolia Rosea, Shilajit, Miatake Mushrooms

    Every micro-nutrient in 7 BASICS mirrors the same research potencies, purity levels, and strengths used in major university studies. It is a clinical product that is natural, non gmo, organic, balanced, complete, and comprehensive.  Any adult can safely take 3-12 capsules daily - we recommend 3 for adults under 180 pounds, adding 1 capsule for each 20 pounds over 180.  So if you weighed 220 we'd recommend 5 per day.   7 BASICS fills in the gaps of nutrition with smarter science.  

    The first goal the science team established for 7 BASICS was to source every ingredient from the best source in the world, with no compromises considered.  

      Your brain, your eyes, your skin...your immune system, your muscular-skeletal system...your heart and cardiovascular system - all need a balance of special micro-nutrients to work together in harmony. When all your organs and systems work in harmony, you have energy, a clear mind, and you’re in control. Runners describe that euphoric state as "being in the zone." It is often described often as an experience beyond energy.

    Why now? Because we know that science can do more for your health.

    The healthcare industry has made incredible progress in disease treatment, but we’re not doing enough to keep healthy people, healthy - or help improve their quality of life.  

    Scientists now agree that there’s a clear link between health, aging and today’s most prevalent health issues. Landmark scientific discoveries in the past 20 years — from identifying genes that control aging to a more complete understanding of metabolism — offer a path to proactively intervene.  And, when we say aging, we are talking about age 30 and up.  

    We developed 7 BASICS because we believe everyone should benefit directly from this compelling research.  The leading scientist and research universities are doing their part in this health revolution.  There are two classes of natural ingredients high quality and everything else.  Unfortunately, most of the supplement industry is everything else.     

    Orthomolecular seeks to restore your cells to be as healthy as they can be, so every organ and body system functions at peak efficiency.  The Father of Medicine, 2500 years ago said to "Heal Thou Self" and the primary way he recommended was through nutrition.   There is an overwhelming meta-analysis of research which support Hippocrates statement, and today we know real nutrition starts at the cellular level - thus the need for Orthomolecular supplements.  

    How long will it take for me to start seeing results?

    The benefits you ‘feel’—happier mood, maintained energy, getting sick less often —are just bonuses when iit comes to improving your long-term health. While many people feel a difference as early as 1-2 weeks, some don’t notice any difference and that’s okay. It’s what’s happening inside that counts.  It sounds a little corny but when your cells are happy, everything else tends to go a lot better.  

    When you are healthier you tend to eat better, exercise, get things done, and get into motion.  You may find the motivation to lose weight and 7 BASICS has a history of helping people on the KETO diet succeed.   Or, maybe you need a sense of well-being (inner joy) to deal with something that you've been putting off.  Your health matters in the mind, body, soul continuum.  

    Setting A New Standard for Quality, Purity, & Performance

    Most companies that make supplements source their ingredients from the lowest cost third-party Chinese suppliers, which often requires a trade-off with respect to quality.     7 BASICS includes 7 functional formulas all-within-one to deliver an array of micro-nutrients that have the ability to nourish, protect,repair, and rejuvenate your cells (cells that make up all major organs & body systems).    The micro-nutrients in 7 BASICS are the same quality used in major university research (potency, strength, purity), and tested and processed in USA GMP approved laboratories.  

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