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Since 2002: The price quality leader for Deep Ocean Okinawa Coral Calcium

NATURAL BIOLOGY'S CORAL CALCIUM has nature's footprint - a natural 2 to 1 calcium to magnesium ratio - plus 74 trace minerals.

Coral calcium was, at one time, part of a living reef. And living coral absorbs and produces elements and minerals - essential to all living beings. Fossilized coral reef calcium retains many of these elements and minerals. This is the origin of all coral calcium supplements on the market today but there is difference in grades and sources.


FYI: Most coral calcium today does not come from Okinawa and 95% of the coral calcium from Okinawa is mined from the shores in mines. The best coral calcium in the world comes from the deep ocean bed with a perfect 2:1 ratio along with 74 trace minerals. It is also the most tested form of coral calcium for absolute purity.  SMP 44 is the highest grade of marine Okinawa Coral Calcium available. 


Since 2001 Natural Biology has delivered the purest form of coral calcium in the world. It is uncut and pure.  Here are some of the most reported benefits:  

NATURAL BIOLOGY'S CORAL CALCIUM - comes from the clear tropical waters of Okinawa. Is there a connection between longevity, healthy living, and a benefits of the coral reefs. The healthy and long lives of the Okinawa islanders think it is part of their solution.
  • We also think pure Okinawa coral calcium is part of the answer to a healthy and natural choice for a better quality of life.
  • Coral in the reefs of Okinawa acts as a natural filter, mineralizes the water, and maintains the beauty and purity of the environment. It is collected carefully to protected the living reefs without harm to the eco-system.
  • Added to your diet, Okinawa Coral Calcium, can provide a rich and natural source of calcium and magnesium as well as 74 trace minerals in an ideal balance. And it is naturally porous - which you absorb better, easier, and faster than traditional calcium supplements.
  • Far from the abundant life of the Okinawa coral reefs, the the deep, dark waters where coral calcium cannot grow and does not live, the ocean floor itself is made from this fossilized coral. It is collected, send to Okinawa, and refined for human consumption. It is that simple, that pure, and that good.
  • Fossilized coral calcium retains many of these elements and minerals. Most people understand the body needs calcium and without it the body will leech calcium from one's bones, but magnesium is equally important. Okinawa Coral Calcium is a great source of magnesium‚ a mineral that may promote bone and heart health‚ detoxification‚ energy production‚ and nutrient absorption.
  • Research confirms your body needs a 2 to 1 ratio of calcium to magnesium - and Okinawa Coral Calcium is nature's answer.


In Nature Not All Things Are Equal, Some are Superior, and Proven by Science
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